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A pain in the neck

Do you get neck pain which particularly manifests in the tops of your shoulders, relieved but only temporarily by massage?

Do you sit there wishing you had a slave to do nothing but rub your shoulders?

Does your partner or friend have a go but complain of sore thumbs before you get any relief?

Do physio sessions fail to give you lasting relief?

Does the pain make you scratchy and bad tempered and sometimes give you headaches?

You could of course have a brain tumour engulfing your entire brain or a rare slowly creeping disease and have hours to live, BUT it is much more likely that you have neck tension induced by poor breathing. No massage, ice, heat or magic potion will ever take it away until you have learned to assess and retrain your breathing pattern.

Why is it happening? Due to all the stress we have in our lives we tend to adopt short sharp breaths and breathe with our neck muscles and upper chests. Very often we simply hold our breaths without even noticing. A new phenomenon has been discovered called 'email apnoea'.

This is when 70% of us actually hold our breaths when we open emails. Many people do the same when focussing on computer screens.

Instead of using our diaphragms to breath, which is energy efficient and acts with gravity, we default to using our chests and necks to elevate our ribs against gravity. As these muscles fatigue they begin to shorten and ache producing pain. Trigger points develop and lactic acid is stored in the muscles irritating nerves. It even causes changes in our posture.

Learning to check your breathing and practicing diaphragm breathing, can change your life for this and many other reasons.

Have a go by following the bakpro breathing programme, all the tips and advice you need are there. Use the tools to release the pain points that have developed.

You wont look back.

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